Skin Expertise

Learning from the Skin

Each person’s skin is different, and yet all skin does some truly remarkable things: it protects the body, assists with breathing, regulates body temperature, and generates substances that are important for both it and the rest of the body. And the skin is an unrivaled sensory organ. Which are all good reasons to take care of it and protect it. Furthermore, human skin is also the best teacher for Beiersdorf research – its biology continually offers new starting points for the development of innovative ingredients and products.

At Beiersdorf’s research center in Hamburg (Germany), a multidisciplinary team of human, cell, and molecular biologists, immunologists, and biochemists unlock new processes in the depths of human skin each and every day. In doing so, they look very closely – using electron microscopes and with biochemical, molecular biological, and cell dynamic procedures. They search for new ingredients that protect, support, or promote the biological processes in the skin’s cells in a natural way. As a component of our products, these ingredients later help vitalize the skin and optimize its functions.

A group of physicists and bioengineers support Beiersdorf’s skin researchers in their work, for example measuring test subjects’ skin characteristics using the latest biophysical methods with regard to wrinkles, elasticity, thickness, and moisture. This is how the company ultimately demonstrates that Beiersdorf’s innovative skin care products have a positive effect on the complexion and strengthen the skin’s structure. Because that is the mission of Beiersdorf research – to develop customized products that are carefully formulated, painstakingly tested, and naturally effective.

Skin Function and Structure

With a surface area of up to two square meters and a weight of up to 12 kilograms, the skin is our largest organ and is responsible for a variety of tasks. With the help of about 1.5 million tiny nerve endings in the skin, it is possible to perceive vibration and pain, to touch, and to feel pressure and temperature stimuli. As an “intake organ,” the skin can absorb substances from the environment into the body – such as when applying skin care products. The acid mantle prevents germs from entering the body. By excreting sweat, the skin protects us from overheating. And it goes without saying that the skin is a highly specialized protective barrier against moisture loss, cold, ultraviolet light, mechanical irritations, and pathogens.

Every Skin Is Different

Human skin is always the same, and yet also very different – men’s skin and women’s skin, extremely light and darker skin, or dry, oily, and sensitive skin all require completely different care. At Beiersdorf’s research labs we develop innovative products that optimally support the natural processes of all skin types, and thus meet the needs of all consumers.