Brands Sponsorship

Sporting Sponsorships

Through its sports medicine brands, Leuko and Elastoplast Sport, Beiersdorf Australia supports a number of clubs across the following sports - AFL, Rugby League, A-League; Super Rugby; NBL; and Netball. This support is not limited to the elite level; it is also extended to the feeder clubs, networks and juniors.

Additionally, Elastoplast Sport is an official supplier to The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

Sponsorship Policy - NIVEA

Thank you for thinking of NIVEA as a potential partner. 

As you can imagine, we receive many requests for donations and sponsorship proposals. Sponsorship is an important element in our marketing and we have prepared some guidelines to enable you to understand whether your opportunity is right for NIVEA.


We are unable to sponsor:

  • Individuals or teams
  • Political or religious organisations
  • Hazardous sports activities
  • Gambling activities
  • Activities that may be construed as offensive, racist or otherwise discriminatory
  • Activities that create environmental hazards


  • The sponsorship environment must offer category exclusivity and be free from competitor brands
  • The sponsorship must not pose a risk to the integrity and strength of our brand or company
  • Benefits must be commensurate with desired sponsorship investment
  • A minimum of 6 months notice prior to the commencement date is required for all major sponsorship proposals

Application Checklist

The following information will be required to enable a thorough evaluation of your proposal for sponsorship:

  • Name, title and contact details of contact person for correspondence
  • Description and history of the sponsorship property
  • Sponsorship levels and costs associated (both dollars and in-kind support)A comprehensive list of benefits
  • Information on how and how often you will be able to use our brand name and logo
  • What leverage and PR opportunities are there for NIVEA?
  • Details of media / promotional campaign for the property
  • How many people do you expect to reach and influence through the property?
  • Demographics/psychographics of the audience for the property
  • If the event is available long-term to develop a relationship
  • What do you believe the key link between NIVEA and your organisation / property to be?
  • Current list of sponsors who have committed to date
  • How you measure the success of the event. (We prefer sponsorships that carry out audience research pre and post the event)
  • Do you have any research you can use to demonstrate how effective your past efforts have been?
  • Timelines, including important deadlines

To ensure our working relationship runs smoothly can you demonstrate:

  • That you have a responsive and professional management structure in place
  • That you will have a dedicated person working with us on this project
  • That you will welcome a key member of our staff becoming involved with your activities to manage the relationship 

Please direct all sponsorship applications to: 

Our National Sponsorship Manager considers all applications that meet the above criteria and will respond within a month of application.