Our StrategyAt Beiersdorf 'We care.'

Our vision is to be the number one in skin care in our relevant markets and categories. Our business strategy ‘Blue Agenda’ defines our course towards this vision. Strengthening our brands, increasing our innovative power, expanding our presence in emerging markets and developing top talent, is enabling us to translate the potential of our company into economic success. The ‘Blue Agenda’ allows us to be flexible, lean, efficient and true to our values.

In a business environment characterized by economic uncertainty, social pressures and environmental challenges, we strive to grow in a responsible manner. With our ‘We care’ sustainability strategy we support our business goals whilst continuously reducing our environmental footprint. At the same time we are working to ensure that we give back to people both inside and outside the company.

We have a long and successful track record in sustainable innovations, especially when it comes to social themes. Continuing this success means going even further. That is why, in 2011, we developed a strategic structure and defined metrics against which we can measure ourselves and our future performance. We identified issues that are key to our stakeholders and which contribute to the success of the company. By centering our approach on three distinct areas ‘Products, Planet, People’, we ensure that we stay focused on delivering meaningful, long-term impact. Our strategy responds to issues that we face across our value chain, from ensuring that we are operating within raw material limitations, to the health and safety of our employees, and responding to changing consumer expectations.


  • Raw Materials: We incorporate sustainability criteria into our research, the procurement of raw materials, and the development of new formulas and applications.
  • Packaging: We contribute to the conservation of resources by minimizing packaging and developing alternative, more sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Consumer Engagement: We actively engage with our consumers and encourage them to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. 


  • Energy: We systematically develop solutions to reduce energy use and to convert to more environmentally friendly sources where technically feasible.
  • Waste: We pursue a policy of 'avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle' and work closely with our supply chain partners to identify and eliminate waste wherever possible.
  • Water: We constantly work to reduce our water consumption – in production processes, buildings and other areas.


  • Employee Health & Safety: We have a company-wide 'Zero Accidents' program and a proactive approach to safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees.
  • Employee Engagement: We encourage our employees to get involved personally and we provide a framework within which they can grow.
  • Social Responsibility: We support local and global social initiatives that are consistent with our company’s strategic goals, values and global presence.